About us


Mission: Work in the EOS community to maximize the power and independence of its members and thereby securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all.

On October 9, 2021, Eden OS made its first election playoff of fractal democracy. Random teams of four or five were made from the Eden community to elect their delegates to the next round of elections. I was excited to support many projects that were organized in support of the community's needs but had no intention to be elected as a delegate.


In the first level random meet-up, I was surprised by the caliber of the people that I met there, Daniel Keyes, CEO of EOS Nation, Hahn Ryu, CEO of EOSONE, and Leo Ribeiro, Creator of MonsterEOS.io, WOW! I was ready to give my vote to any one of these friends in the meet-up. Anyone was more than capable and had the standing to represent the best ideals in the Eden OS  Community.  Ironically, because of their active responsibilities, none of us wanted or had the time to commit to be a delegate, so by “luck” or “grand design” I volunteer as a delegate to represent the team, and was elected by consensus.


Eden Sparks was born that day. I reached out to a couple of EOS active community friends and after brainstorming the need of our "close by community" and we came up with the ideas that now we are expounding. Hope this is a small step in I big journey.